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For example, when two or more dharma lords occupy dharma houses, the dharma theme is activated in the life, all the more so if one or more of those lords is strong. And so on with each of the other triads — artha , kama , and moksha.

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The 4th lord is Saturn, strong in its own sign. The 8th lord is Venus, also in the 4th, where it gains dig bala.

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  4. The 12th lord is Mercury, also in the 4th, where it suffers injury via graha yuddha with Jupiter. The key observation here is that all three moksha lords Saturn, Venus, Mercury occupy a moksha house the 4th where two of them enjoy strength.

    Unmarried/No Marriage Yoga In Astrology | AstroSanhita

    This immediately highlights the moksha theme, all the more so since these three lords all occupy Capricorn, the sign of Saturn, the great renunciate. Thus, we might logically anticipate that moksha will arise as a major life-defining theme for Carrey.

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    This becomes all the more likely when we observe that Saturn and Mercury, both moksha lords, run sequential dasha periods that between them cover a span of 36 years of his adult life. The manas is analyzed via the 4th lord, the 4th house, and the Moon, which is the karaka for the emotional mind. Disturbance arises when planets are weak, badly placed by house, or influenced by Saturn or the nodes.

    Allowance is made, however, for when Saturn is itself the lord of the 4th. On the basis of this analysis, we can only say, this signifies mild disturbance at worst, but nothing seriously threatening. Closer examination of the 4th house reveals more stuff going on.

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    Lagnesh Venus is also combust in the 4th. Jupiter is debilitated, and suffers graha yuddha with Mercury. Again, some disturbance, but not disastrous for the manas. As noted earlier, Saturn is in mixed condition own sign but combust , owns two positive houses and occupies one of them. But Saturn also generates results for its nakshatra lord Sun, which both owns and occupies a positive house under the influence of both benefics and malefics.

    All things considered, pretty positive. Looking ahead to Mercury dasha, however, his circumstances are subject to change. Since Mercury dasha will also deliver results for its star-lord, we must therefore look to the Moon. Since the Moon is 10th lord in the 8th, we can anticipate career or social setbacks, perhaps nothing terribly serious since the Moon is strong and supported by at least that mixed-condition Jupiter.

    Astrology Yogas for delay Marriage

    Parivartana Yoga is a reference text for one of the most common yet powerful planetary combinations in jyotish. Such an influence is required on 2nd family and 7th house spouse. Influence on 2nd is much more important as an influence on 7th alone will cause separation from spouse, thus resulting in a divorce.

    Separating influence is required on 4th house society and 12th house worldly pleasures. These influence are a must from the Moon as well — especially the influence of Saturn on the Moon is required should be analyzed very carefully. Major Factor For Renunciation.


    Similarly, in a horoscope if there are 4 or more planets which are exalted or in own house possessing high strength, in that case also the result will be same. The nature of the sanyas is governed by the strongest of these set of planets. Such a combination should ideally occur in a kendra to affect the Lagna, otherwise it will not be effective. The native will be bereft of spouse and children. Even if the native marry, it will not be a long lasting relationship.

    To be effectively able to judge if a person can take sanyas and become an ascetic, lets try to define the traits that we associate with a sanyasi. It is a great movie. The combinations that cause these traits to appear in a person are:.

    Both influences are required in a horoscope.